Our story

There is no point explaining what Ali Financial Services would be doing; it is actually very clear from the name. We are into providing world class Accounting, Book Keeping, Financial consultation, Staffing, Audit, Tax consultation and other related services in GCC. What matters here is how we are not just another Accounting firm you have been dealing all your life. What difference can we produce or why you should get in touch with us?
Well, to be honest; answers of such questions can be given with so many professional dialogues. However, we are not giving you any here (we mean no dialogues here). We have entered this industry to rule and to be on the top of it. We are not just the ordinary Accounting or Book keeping company you have ever known. We have worked hard enough and burnt ourselves to come up as one of the best and we understand the part that we are connected with all of our clients. Hence, if we have to live our dream then obviously we will have to make our clients stand on top.
Therefore, we are extremely passionate and ready to go all the way to make your business stand because once you are there on top we will achieve our goals automatically.

Why we are different?

  • Easily accessible & user friendly tax & compliance services.
  • Providing services at an affordable price.
  • Understand the changing business environment.
  • Much satisfied & happy clientele motivates us.
  • 600+ experts across India on our expert panel.

Values that define us

  • Empathic treatment with businesses.
  • Transparency is our priority.
  • Building trust & confidence.
  • Ethical business culture.

What We Do

Following services we provide


There is various audit some are mandatory some are voluntarily done by an individual or businesses.

Tax Filing And Compliance

We are here to serve you with tax processing without any delay. So, now no worries of penalties or any charges on your income as we are here to prepare all returns on time.

Company formation and consultation

How Do We Help With New Company Registration
We, providing the online CA directory for start-up registration or say online company registration through professional like CA’s, CS’s and Lawyers as a ONE-STOP solution for all pre & post incorporation compliances & licensing requirements.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting & Book Keeping Services to efficiently manage your day to day records, analysis of your transactions, recommendation to manage the profitability and tax, balance sheet and tax filing.

Legal Consultation

Law is a necessary evil. It is the most potent tool which ensures that we are able to do business in legitimate manner without worrying about someone playing dirty with us. If we feel someone has done anything against the principle of business or law with you, you can get your legitimate rights through court of Law.

Payroll Processing And Management

our payroll services fit to all the firms despite their size, scale, and capital. We efficiently prepare employees’ statements, administer the commission, and calculate bonus payments and let you keep updated with all the payroll information all the time

Our Team

Riyasat Ali
CA, CS, M.Com, B.Com (Hons.)
Niyati Chawla
CS, B.Com
Ashish Mishra
Digital Marketer
Surjeet Kumar
CA (Final) B.com
Mitali Srivastava
Web Developer
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